Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

 So I usually don't blog about a book i've read..(okay so i really don't blog at all) but this book as been running circles around my brain. Beautiful Disaster gets completely under your skin and just stays. You'll dream about. It will outright consume every single thought day in and day out....Well it did for me at least. I'm one of those that when I read a book I like for it to be impossible to put down and for it to be almost an unhealthly obsession. Even though it's completely out of the genre i've been into this was one of those kind of books for me. Travis is just...well ..lets just say if I could package him up and deliver him to my house ( or bed)  I would.

Abby is the sweet innocent (or so she seems) girl that moves off to college and runs into Travis the bad fighter boy and something ignites. Abby wants to get away from her past and has some secrets of her own but no matter how hard to tries she's undeniably attracted to Travis ( and who wouldn't be). They develope a very unhealthy but completey hot relationship which no one understands.

I'm 100% positive i'll be rereading Beautiful Disaster very soon if i really have a choice ..the cover haunts me everytime I open my Kindle app and of course I'll waiting for the SEQUEL in Travis's point of view !!!

Oh and let's not forget to give Jaime Mcguire a BIG congrats from being picked up by Simon &  Schuster! Hoping the next big news we hear is that it's being made into the movie !

*My opinion* if you've rated this book anything lower than a 5 star you made need to seek medical attention

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