Saturday, July 28, 2012

Collison Course Review

I was going to wait for at least another day to post a review about this wonderful hearbreaking book but I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep until I type it out.

Wow... I read the last page about 20 minutes ago and my chest is literally still aching.

Lucas struggles with so much throughout the entire story after a tragic accident takes his two bestfriends and girlfriend away. As if this isn't enough to handle already he has to deal with the riducule from the students at school he thought he was closest to because he was the one driving the vehicle when it crashed. Rumors spread linking Lucas to alcohol abuse the night of the crash causing everyone to believe he was under the influence killing his friends BUT Lucas has only even been intoxicated one time his whole life ...and it wasn't the night of the accident.

It will honestly tear you (certainly me) to pieces to read about his loss and self-loathing.

S.C. Stephen is also the author of Thoughtless and Effortless which is equally as good and heartbreaking  but I assure you won't make you bawl  your eyes out like Collison Course


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