Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Author of the Day: K.B. Webb

Meet and Welcome New Author K.B. Webb !!

K.B (Katie) has lived in Louisiana her whole life and loved every minute of it. When she's not working on Logan and Molly's story she's chasing after her adorable two year old Mila. Webb plans to release her first book in the Small Town Love Series in September called Reflect Me.

Reflect Me who's main characters are- Logan ,who is a  totally swoon worthy guy and Molly who isn't your sweet innocent virgin without an attitude,- will be the first in a three part series that I'm told will have even more swoon worthy country boys follow behind. After reading some of the teasers (which can be found on K.B's page) I have to say I'm pretty excited about shoving my nose in this series !

Reflect Me Description:
Molly Scott’s life has never been easy, but she is o.k. with that. All of her obstacles have made her who she is today-a good mother, with an amazing best friend, who has a love for Marlboro’s and a mouth like a sailor. Her shitty boyfriend Brian James is a far cry from prince charming, but this is the hand she was dealt, so she plans to play it. That is, until Logan Reed walks into her life.

Logan Reed was a troubled teenager who grew up to be a slightly hot headed adult. After graduating high school he left Monroe, Louisiana behind and moved to New Orleans. That is where he met and fell in love with his now ex-fiancé Lizzy. After Lizzy broke his heart and Logan almost killed his liver from one too many drunken nights, his brother Lucas forces him to come back to Monroe to get his life straight. He plans to reconnect with his high school buddy Brian James, have a few beers, reminisce, and head home unaffected. Then he meets Molly Scott.

Logan and Molly try to build a friendship even though both know there is more between them. But sometimes, the best things in life don’t come easy. Molly has abandonment issues due to her flakey parents and is holding a secret from Logan that she fears could cause him to run forever. Logan knows Molly has her walls up, but he is determined to tear them down and make the girl who he can’t live without his own. There is one huge thing in his way though, Molly’s boyfriend and his best friend Brian.

When you find true love, you’re supposed to fight for it, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, is it really worth all the trouble?

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Reflect me can also now be added to your To-Read list on Goodreads !

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