Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Author of the Day Evelyn Wolff

New Author Evelyn Wolff : 

Evelyn Wolff was born in July 1987 and lives in Greater Manchester, England.
When she isn’t writing, Evelyn is generally being bossed around by her pet dogs, Callie and Sasha.
She likes Chinese food, movies, laughing so hard it makes her cry and the smell of wet dog!

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A lush green land, buried beneath the desert sands. 
Two sparring brothers, with powers beyond those of the Gods. 
Ancient prophecies that predict hell on Earth. 
One evil sorcerer, trapped in an enchanted box. 
A throne, ready for its king or queen. 
Demons, waiting to break free. 
An animal army spread across the globe. 
And a young girl who must end an age old war...
She is their only hope, and this is her story.

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