Friday, November 2, 2012

The secrets of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorenson : Review

One secret that will change their lives forever ....

Wow love this style writing for Jessica Sorenson ! Her fallen star series was great but this book was beyond awesome !

Absolutely love Ella and especially Micha. Next door neighbors who become bestfriends until lines start to blur and their friendship takes a turn .

Ella always had it rough. Having a sick mother and a drunk for a father she always had to take care of herself

Micha only having his single mother after his father abandoned them had to grow up faster than any normal teenage boy

Both come from troublesome lives but after one horrible night it changes their lives completely leaving them both alone and lost without each other. Micha now has to fight for Ella harder than he ever has and once and for all show her where his heart belongs.

Perfect love story with more to come. Book 2 is now sitting at the top of my wish List ! 5++++++ stars !

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