Thursday, May 23, 2013

Author of the Day: Amanda Alberson

Phew know I'm late getting my post up today...super late...but better late than never !! 

Meet Author Amanda Alberson!! 

Amanda Alberson was born in Baytown Texas and grew up in a small town outside of Houston. She has written stories and poems her whole life, and read every book she could get her hands on. She is in the process of relocating to Richardson TX, with her wonderful husband and two beautiful children. 'Losing Connor' is her first published work, but don't worry there are more to come.

Twitter: @albersona

Books by Amanda:


When Cassie finds herself pregnant at 17 she has a choice to make, ruin her own life or the lives of those she loves. Years later, when her past and present collide will she have the strength to lose everything again? Follow Cassie on a rollercoaster ride through her past and present and into her future as she battles regret and heartbreak.

    “Easy!” Declan barked. He hadn’t stopped giving orders since he got to the hospital. I knew my mother had slipped away to call him. If I hadn’t been in the worst pain of my life I would have been angry with her. I was too busy trying to comprehend how I could be sitting on my bed at home one minute and pushing a whole person out of me just half an hour later.
The nurses kept telling me how good I was doing and that everything was going fine. From my end of the bed that was all total bullshit.
My mother either out of spite or some crazed sense of sudden loyalty to my father would not allow them to give me any pain medication. Taking on my father’s domineering persona she wiped my sweat soaked forehead and calmly said over my screams, “Women of God suffer as did Eve.”
I wanted desperately to kill her, to reach out with my bare hands and end her completely. My murder plot screamed to a halt when Declan rushed through the door. Frantic and dressed in scrubs he looked faint as he came face to face with the miracle of life. My mother slipped away quietly without a word and Declan slid into her place at my bedside.
“Are you ok Cass?” He asked reaching for my hand. The head nurse snickered as I slapped his hand away, yelling through the contraction, “Do I look ok?”
Delirious with exhaustion, worn out from the endless pain, I was too tired for even the panic that rose over me when the doctor’s voice went from quick and encouraging to loud and demanding.
I knew something was wrong. The room became heavy and hot, the faces around me changed, morphing into masks of worry and sadness.
“What’s wrong?” I shouted at the doctor sitting between my knees. He ignored me, instead shouting directions at the nurses who scurried wildly about the room. I tried to sit up further only to be gently pushed back in my place by a nurse.
I reached for Declan as the room erupted into a swarm of frantic activity, like a beehive kicked. Nurses jostled and ran back and forth; the doctor wiped his brow and inhaled sharply.
“Cassandra I need you to push as hard as you can and don’t stop okay hon?” He nodded before I could answer.
I filled my lungs until they ached and pushed with all my might. A scream ripped through me, as my lungs wrung every bit of air from them. A white hot pain tore through me and the room went deathly quiet. For one agonizing second the moment froze, the nurses stood like memorial statues.
Without letting go of my hand Declan moved for the foot of the bed. He was met by a tiny cry. The small sound rushed around the room reanimating the staff. My war torn body sank with relief and exhaustion.
The last thing I remember seeing before I passed out was a teary eyed Declan, holding the baby and being rushed out of the room. My son is dying I thought, or I am.



17 yr old Sloane has a troubled past. Plagued by the voice of her dead twin sister, whose death Sloane feels responsible for, she is thrust back into the small town where it all happened. Faced with new challenges and tough choice can Sloane handle the pressure when her past and her present collide? 

 Trudging through the freezing night I wondered for the hundredth time just what the hell was wrong with me. One of the few days I didn’t have detention and I show up anyways? Mrs. Valcheck is so use to seeing me it never registered to her I wasn’t supposed to be there. The idea had pounded its way into my head all day.
Ma was gone when I’d got up, leaving only the stale smell of beer and smoke and an endless mess. As I hurried around the trailer picking up empty cans and brushing up stray ashes the idea took hold in my brain. I don’t know why I wanted to see her, I just had to, like Ma had to drink, Sloane was becoming an addiction.
The night wind cut at me as I walked home. I must be crazy, stay after with no truck to get home, even crazier to let her listen to my music. Ma had never heard my songs, not that I knew of. I recorded a few on my Dad’s old tape player one weekend when she was gone with one of her boyfriends. Something in the way Sloane had looked at me in Svelte’s class really got to me. She wasn’t judging, she wasn’t mad, she was afraid and for once not of me but for me. It’d been years since someone worried about me and it just made me want her more. I spent the rest of the walk home thinking about the smell of her hair and the teary gleam in her eye as my words flowed from the headphones. Again she hadn’t judged, didn’t make fun of me when it was plain I missed a chord or my voice cracked, she just looked sad, for me, and that made me sad for me.
“What the hell Barrett?”
Ma was lit up like the fourth as I stepped into the trailer.
My eyes cut to the greasy looking man on the couch, he sat unashamed, no shirt, pants undone, grinning at me.
“Don’t you what me! Where have you been? Not like you got anything to do or anywheres to go.”
She didn’t care where I’d been, this was a game we played all too often. The look I’m a concerned mommy on my own with this disgrace of a son, please Mr. Right Now get me away from here. As much as I hated the men my Ma saw regularly, at least when they were over we could skip the charades.
“I was out for a walk Ma settle down.”
I stepped to the right headed for my room, I heard the creak of the floor behind me and ducked in time to miss getting pegged in the head by an empty beer can.
“Don’t you dare disrespect me! I’m your Ma you remember that! I gave up everything to bring your sorry ass into this world.”
“Whatever Ma.”
 I bit my lip to hold in the laundry list of things she hadn’t given up for me.
Men,booze,drugs,the truth.
The muddy cowboy boot hit dead in my calf nearly taking my legs out from under me. The new guy shook me by the shoulder breathing hate and beer soaked breath in my face.
“Look here punk; don’t let me catch you talking to my girl like that. She aint trash, you show her some respect.”
He smiled showing off the gaps between his yellow teeth. I shrugged him off even though my body was quivering. He’d be gone soon like all the rest. I fell asleep with my dresser pushed against the door.

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