Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday !! Author of the Day : NICKIE SEIDLER & Cover Reveal !!!!

The weekend is here but I have one more upcoming Author to introduce to you...and you don't want to miss her !! Oh and did I mention Nickie has also provided a pic of her new Cover !!

Meet Nickie Seidler !! 

My name is Nickie Seidler, born and raised in Chicago, now residing in the "burbs". I've newly discovered my passion for reading within the last year in a half. I never knew the types of books I loved to read until i hit the genre that i couldn't put down! Books I've read, then, in turn made me want to create my own stories and make them into novels. I never imagined myself writing books but i immediately fell in love with writing once i wrote my first sentence! I'm currently in the editing process with my editor for my first book, A Lucky Second Chance. Will be released in summer 2013. 

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*WARNING: This has not been edited yet, and quite possibly could change*
Emma Dunn, young, blonde hair, blue eyed bombshell, born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. When she wanted spontaneity in her life, she moved to Florida. Against her parent’s wishes, she wanted to explore new places and meet someone who she thought she would be happy with.  She’s cute, she’s caring, but she’s also vulnerable to a certain man that she should stay clear from. When Emma realized she needed to give a swift boot to her ex fiancĂ©, she fled home to Chicago to start over.  Thanks to Kevin who came to her rescue at just the right time, Emma may have one more chance at living a happy life.Unfortunately, she will leave one bad situation only to have more keep popping up right in front of her eyes. Will she ever be able to escape her cruel life from Florida and be happy? Will Mister Wonderful bring her more happiness or suck her right back into the hole she wants to stay clear from?

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