Monday, May 20, 2013

Author of the Day: Jennifer Sivec

Start of another week full of Author of the Day's !

Welcome Jennifer Sivec ! 

Jennifer Sivec is grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and is currently resides in Oberlin, Ohio with her beautiful family.  She and her husband have two wonderful young sons, who keep them busy and give purpose to their lives.  Her husband has been her biggest supporter in self-publishing “Leaving Eva” which is Jennifer’s first novel.  

As a child, she was a voracious reader, preferring to read above anything else.  The first story she remembers writing was in the 4th grade which she co-wrote with a friend.  It was a memorable experience for both of them, as they strung together every profane word that they had ever heard, into a story with no real story line or direction.  Needless to say, when the teacher found the story and told their parents, neither of them wrote anything for a very long time!  But she did pick up her pen soon after writing poetry, short story, and journaling throughout her life.  

Jennifer has always loved a good story, whether told in cinema, music, or books.  Getting lost in the story has helped Jennifer throughout her entire life.  
Abandoned as a child, she was driven to tell the story of abandonment through “Leaving Eva.”  Though not autobiographical, Eva evolved into her own character with demons to fight and choices to make about keeping or losing love.
Jennifer prefers to write drama and is working on “Finding Eva,” which is the sequel.  She has several other projects she plans to tackle after that.  

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If you've ever been abandoned. If you've ever been abused, hurt or left behind. If you've ever been deeply loved, then Leaving Eva is just for you. Abandoned as a child, Brynn is adopted into a violent and tumultuous world under the deceptive guise of a Mother's love. She accidentally discovers a secret way to survive which helps to disguise the brokeness within. Early and often Brynn is left to fend for herself, as those who are supposed to love and protect her most, fail. In High School, Brynn unexpectedly falls for sweet, handsome Adam. He tries to teach her that she can have hope and happiness, if she only will embrace it. As an adult, it appears as though Brynn has her life together. No one except for Adam really knows her secret pain and history has an unkind way of repeating itself. Suddenly she is faced with destroying her greatest love, and the need to confront her own fear before it swallows her completely. In the end, Brynn discovers a truth about herself that changes everything, and gives her the freedom to accept the beautiful possibilities of what life can be.

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