Friday, May 10, 2013

Author Of The Day: Kristen Duvall

Welcome Author Kristen Duvall:

My name is Kristen and I am a writer of tales both real and make-believe. Growing up poor in rural Missouri, I always knew there was more to life. Several years ago, I moved out to California on a whim, and because well, that's just how I roll. I jump head first into things and believe I can do anything I set my mind to. 

To learn more about Kristen and to check out her short stories:



Duvall also has a Indigoo Campaign going on to try to help raise money for her publishing company. Information can be found on the website :

Books by Kristen :

                        The  FallOut :

A group of scientists are stationed on a planet when a deadly explosion threatens to destroy everything. Luckily one little girl has the power to see the danger in her dreams and they are quickly able to move underground before disaster strikes, while leaving many of the natives behind. Five years later, they're still underground and running out of food. Panic overtakes the small community of survivors and they push for action. The  same little girl warns of danger waiting for them back above ground, but desperation takes hold and no one will listen to her.

What is waiting for them behind the door to the civilization they left behind many years ago? 

Free to read on my webpage or download via Smashwords for Kindle or other eReaders. 

                     Idol Meanderings:

What would you get if you took a journal writing competition added the twists and turns of reality television and put it on a roller coaster with iffy brakes?" Thus says the community profile of a writing contest like no other. Idol Meanderings, the follow up volume to Idol Musings, brings together essays, short stories and real life tales on subjects as diverse as bikini waxing, murder trials, superheroes, life with a disability and the end of the world. There's something here for everyone, each entry as individual as the author behind it, all coming together to create a book as diverse as the competition which inspired it. Idol Meanderings: a mesmerizing anthology that will leave you wanting more.

You may purchase Idol Meanderings hereI have four pieces nonfiction published in the anthology.  

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