Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ezperanza Habla~ Author of the Day !

Hi guys ! It's almost friday ...thank god ! Help me welcome poetry author Esperanza today !

Meet Ezperanza Habla :

"During the day I work in a library. However, my artistic method of expression is my poetry. I began to write in 2010 and created my first blog, "Words of Hope", in 2011. I recently created a new blog of my poetry, "Letters to the Moon". The new blog offers a truly unique poetic experience. Readers can go to the blog and select their language from a list of over 60 languages. Once a language is chosen, the page is translated into the reader's language of choice."

To see more of Habla you can find her here:

"The Bigger Picture" Excerpt 

"My author friend pointed out that I could keep thinking about the end of the friendship, and how hurtful and disrespectful it was. Or, I could look at the bigger picture. I can look back on the friendship as it was over the years. I can look at the good times we shared, the great discussions we had together, the times we made each other laugh, everything that I learned, the time when our friendship was sweet and good.

He also said that I can be thankful. I can be thankful to God for sending that person into my life. I can thank God for our years of friendship and the life lessons that the friendship taught me. I can be thankful that that person was indeed a good friend to me and loved me for who I am, flaws and all.

That is what I plan to do now. I plan to look past the hurt. I plan to be thankful that that person and I had the chance to meet. 

Picture yourself at the beach at the ocean. You're sitting on a towel, enjoying the breeze, soaking in the rays of sun. There are many people with you at the beach, and many distractions-people fighting, yelling, people smoking cigars, children screaming, cell phones ringing, loud music blaring, dogs barking-all of which is disrupting your peace. Do you focus on those distractions? Or do you instead choose to focus on the beautiful, infinite ocean just ahead of you?

That's what I choose to look at. The ocean. The bigger picture."

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