Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Author of the Day KERRY FRITH !!

It's friday and I have an awesome author for everyone to meet  today ! 

Welcome Kerry Frith ! 

About Kerry: 

Self-published author of the Cocktails & Tattoos series. I am from London but currently reside in sunny Essex, England. I am a mother, wife, addicted Iphone user, lover of chocolate, enjoys watching movies, loves to read a good chick-lit book, swears too much, doesn't drink enough, passion for writing. I like to make people laugh. I think I am funny. Others may not. I love to read which inspired me to write and I only write what I would like to read. I started writing in my early teens but was always too scared to take it any further. I mean who would want to read something I had made up from my very warped mind? Anyway, it turned out quite a few once I finally took the plunge last year (the grand old age of thirty-three). It was scary at the time but now there is no stopping me. My one true escape in the mad world we live in. 

Cocktails & Tattoos is a four book series, which can be found on Amazon and by the summer, will be available on other good ebook websites. I have recently decided to add a fifth book to the series once I have completed writing my current book ~ Handbags at Dawn. I am hoping to have Handbags at Dawn out in the summer. 

I am also in my fifth week of writing my blog ~ Kerry’s Chitter Chatter which I am thoroughly enjoying. You can find me on the following link. Please feel free to stop by. You will find something for everyone on my page including daily ebook freebies and Like for Like Saturday Special’s once a month for the author world. 

Author Page:

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Cocktails & Tattoos :

The Blog of Traveling & Mishaps (Cocktails & Tattoos)

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