Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Page of the Day !! Kae's Kreations !!!

Switching things up a bit today... Even though there are plenty of new Authors to introduce everyday I got to thinking ..What about the awesome people behind the wonderful authors ?? The designers? Reviewers? Bloggers? Let's face it without them our books wouldn't spread as fast or have awesome cover designs. I know I can personally say without this particular designer I'd be lost !! Great prices and awesome Customer service..


Meet Kae's Kreations !!!!!!!!

Kae's Kreations is here to fulfill your creative needs. If you are looking for a book cover- for Ebook or CreateSpace, book trailer, bookmarks, banner, or header, and Ebook and CreateSpace formatting. 

Kae's is owned by Tiffany Kae Wilson  and being an author herself  she understands you need the best product you can get to bring your novel to life ! One-on-one experience is offered to help pull your readers in and keep them staying around ! 

Sample covers and pricing can be found on Kae's Kreations Website o check her out on facebook :

Sample artwork Heal My Heart Front cover

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