Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Author of The Day ~ Lindy Spencer

Hey guys it's that time again !! 

Meet Author Lindy Spencer: 

Lindy Spencer currently lives in Oklahoma with her superhero family - Amazing Husband and Super Smart Dog. When she’s not writing she’s most likely found spending time with her children and grandchildren or perhaps doing one of the other things she adores: reading, riding motorcycles, or shooting things with a Canon.Spencer is currently working on the sequel to The Boomerang Effect as well as chasing around the beginnings of her third novel.

The Boomerang Effect

Karma is a well-thrown boomerang. ~ Andrea Parker
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can end your life - or worse, postpone it indefinitely.
In Aspen Grove, Oklahoma, fifteen-year-old Katy had everything going for her, until an innocent decision to walk home from school set the karmic wheels in motion. Katy suffered a brutal attack, leaving her comatose. The legal system failed to convict the men responsible for this heinous crime, instead found them not guilty.
They’ve gotten away with it, or so it seems. Now, several years later, bad things begin happening to them one by one.
Accident, coincidence, or payback? 

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  1. Congratulations Lindy, so very deserving of a woman with so many irons in the fire, but always able to produce great works in writing, photography and in person. -Sheila