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Friday Author of the Day Brenda Tetreault

Hey everyone ! I'm super excited to introduced Author Brenda Tetreault to you today as our Author of the Day !

Brenda grew up on the southern Oregon coast. All through school, she wrote, but put it aside when a counselor informed her that while she had a nice little hobby, she would never be good enough at it to pay the bills. After a short stint in the Air Force, during which she met and married her husband, Brenda settled down to be a military wife and the mother of a precocious little boy.
It wasn't until her mid-thirties that Brenda began writing again, and after two years of writing, rewriting, and editing, she became a published author. Beginning in January 2009, she has published the six book series, The Bounty Cove Chronicles.  
Brenda is excited to be working on her new series, Brothers Immortal, and is anxiously awaiting the release of the first book in the series, Tempted- Coming Summer 2013!
Brenda’s books are Paranormal Romances, and are written for the 18+ reader.

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Twitter: @booksofbounty

The Bounty Cove Chronicles-
*Book 1:  The Witcher Legacy
Melissa Witcher finally got her chance to settle down after a life of moving from town to town with her mother. She inherited the old family home and finally began to put down roots in Bounty Cove, North Carolina. Along with the house came the stories of ghosts haunting the property and a family history that had been kept from her. Melissa never put much faith in those ghost stories and looked forward to reuniting with her father to learn the secrets of the Witcher family. She wasn’t prepared for the instant and passionate chemistry that ignited between herself and the house’s caretaker, Michael Kemper, at their first meeting. She never dreamed that coming to Bounty Cove would possibly cause her to lose everything she has grown to hold dear, including her own life. Melissa should have taken those ghost stories seriously.
*Book 2: The Devil’s Own Angel
Nick ‘Devil’ Damien left a lucrative career to settle in Bounty Cove, North Carolina in order to answer Fate’s silent call. While he’s happier than he’s ever been in his life, he sometimes finds himself wondering exactly what it is he’s waiting for. Then, one morning, he sees Angeline Carston, and again hears Fate whispering in his ear. Compelled to answer the silent call, he comes to the petite blonde’s rescue.

Angeline Carston wants nothing to do with the tall, darkly handsome Devil Damien. She has enough to worry about without her hormones going haywire whenever he’s around; such as finding a place to hide, and escaping the unwanted attentions of a determined ex-fiancĂ©. Then there’s the little matter of the secret she’s hiding. A secret so destructive that it could devastate everyone and everything she loves if she were to lose control of it.
*Book 3: Then, Now, Forever
Chance Younger and Molly Sinclair are strangers to each other.

So why is it that from the moment they meet they are both haunted by feelings of deja vu and visions of being together in another place and time?
*Book 4:  Shadow of Doubt
Britt Darbonne has a dangerous mind; the kind that can make you feel exquisite pleasure with just a thought. He can also kill you with the same thought. Natali Sinclair doesn't care; she loves the man. But is love enough to save her sanity? Welcome to Bounty Cove; the little town where love conquers all and nothing is as it seems.
*Book 5:  A Ghost of A Chance
Kate Morgan, after suffering unimaginable tragedy, leaves the hustle and bustle of Raleigh to settle in Bounty Cove. There, shy and reclusive Kate begins to slowly rebuild her life, content to live quietly in her little cottage in the woods. Wil Montgomery has spent fifteen years at the top of the Hollywood game. Without a word, he leaves the glitz and glamour for the solitude of the North Carolina coast. From the moment he meets Kate, Wil is unable to put the thought of her haunted blue eyes or the sweetness of her kiss out of his mind. Tucker Stratford died loving Kate Morgan. He's made it his mission in the afterlife to help her fall in love again. How can he convince Kate that he's found her Mr. Right when all she wants to do is live in her little cottage in the woods?
*Book 6: Prophecies and Destinies
Separated for twenty years, Lily Sullivan and Colby Miller are reunited only to find themselves fighting for all they hold dear. Can love, truly, conquer all? Can good, finally, defeat evil? With their friends by their side and at their backs, Lily and Colby are about to find out!

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And Coming soon from Brenda :

*Tempted (Coming Summer, 2013):
A Vampire/Human hybrid with an allergy to blood.

A pretty socialite with a knack for getting into trouble.

Brought together by temptation and bound by passion.

Together their path is set on a collision course with…

The Brothers Immortal.
… The phone rang four times, and she was about to disconnect the call when she heard the voice she’d both dreaded and needed to hear.
    His voice was rough and sleepy sounding, and in her mind’s eye, Sabrina saw him, wearing nothing more than black pajama pants, his chest and feet bare, silhouetted against the windows of his living room.
    “Hello, Roman.”
    Her voice was almost a whisper, but Roman heard her just fine. “Good morning, baby,”
    He listened to the soft sound of her breathing and waited her out, not pressuring her to talk.
    “I almost hung up,” she said and Roman thought he heard her take a sip of something. Coffee?
    “I’m glad you didn’t,” he replied, taking a gulp of his own lukewarm brew. It seemed getting Sabrina to talk was going to be like pulling teeth, but he was willing to be patient, remembering Morgan’s advice to not rush her or force her.
    “Morgan is taking me to meet my parents,” she finally told him, and with that admission, the flood gates opened, and Roman simply allowed her to talk. Beneath her ramblings one thing became apparent: she was terrified of being rejected once again. When she finally wound down and she sank back into silence, Roman reassured her.
    “Sweetheart, they have searched for you all your life; they want you in their lives, and they won’t turn their backs on you.”
    She didn’t say anything for several moments, and he worried that the connection had been lost. Finally, he heard her sigh.
    “Thank you.”
    He smiled gently at the sweet sound of her voice and replied, “Anytime, sweetheart.”
    “I better go,” she hedged, and he wondered if that was reluctance he heard coating her words.
    “I love you.”
    He winced and almost slammed his head against the wall for letting those words escape; what if it was too soon? What if he’d just scared her away for another week or longer? He held his breath, waiting for her reply. When it came, he felt the bitter bite of disappointment;
    “Goodbye, Roman.”
    The line went dead, and Roman was left, alone and cursing in to cold light of the winter morning, without even the knowledge of her love to sustain him...

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